published on June 2021

Bureau Promotes Activities Attracting Visitors From Outside County


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June 9, 2021

Meadville, PA — The Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau launched a summer campaign intended to help area residents attract friends and family within driving distance of the county in preparation for the summer vacation season. The campaign efforts coincide with current travel trends as COVID-19 restrictions relax across the county.

“We are excited to see more travelers as the country begins to reopen. Since trends are showing that more people are traveling by car, we expect to see many residents inviting their nearby families and friends to what Crawford County has to offer this summer,” Executive Director of the Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau Victoria Soff said.

Family-friendly activities the campaign highlights include local boutiques, antique stores, restaurants, as well as farms and orchards. Institutions, such as museums, and live concerts or productions, are among the essential cultural amenities emphasized for families to seek out while away from home.

Outdoor enthusiasts and families can experience Crawford County’s recorded 25,000 acres of parkland, 17,000 acres of boatable waters and 46 miles of trail.

“Featuring local attractions exposes visitors to Crawford County’s rich cultural, historic and natural resources. Not only will this educate and enrich tourists’ experiences, but also be a valuable opportunity to drive revenue for economic development and community growth,” President of the Historical Society and Bureau Board Member Josh Sherretts said.

The area’s cabins, hotels, campsites and bed and breakfasts were among the lodgings cited for visitors to consider during their visitation.

The Bureau released an online resource,, as a platform to inform potential visitors of the county’s family-friendly activities and local attractions.

Governor Tom Wolf announced that the state’s mask mandate will expire June 28. Many restrictions have already been lifted since June 1, greenlighting businesses, events and venues to open at full capacity.


For additional information contact:

Victoria Soff

Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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